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One-Stop Shop for Senior Care
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Personalized Recommendations
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Talk to professionals
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Frequently asked questions

How does Olera match users to service providers?

Based on the location that you provide and your responses to our personalization questions, we determine the providers, resources, and educational materials best suited to your needs and situation

I am a new caregiver. Where do I begin?

We understand how daunting senior care can be but we have specifically designed key personalization questions to guide you through the complex senior care ecosystem. Additionally, we have short educational videos and articles intended to guide help you determine the care you need.

I am an experienced caregiver looking for assistance in specific areas. Can Olera help?

Even those more familiar with senior care can get tremendous value from Olera. Our personalization system enables us to connect you to professionals and resources that fulfill exactly what you need.

I would like to keep my loved one at home. What resources are available?

Aging in place resources is big area of focus for us and Olera connects users to resources and professionals such as home aides, home health, and meal services (among others) to help with aging in place.

What kind of senior care providers can I find on Olera?

We go beyond senior living and provide a comprehensive list of providers that are most useful for those caring for a senior loved one. The list of providers on our platform includes: home health, memory care, support groups, skilled nursing, rehab, assisted living, independent living, senior living referral agents, insurance agents, certified financial planners, elder law attorneys, home health, hospice, non-medical home aid

Can I trust Olera's recommendations?

Olera aims to be highly inclusive in the range of senior care professionals listed on our platform. However, we use a weighted average of reviews of top senior care directories, publications, and subject matter experts to recommend the best service providers to you.

Can I speak directly to a professional?

While Olera does not offer direction consultation (yet), we connect you to care managers who are experienced and trained in guiding families through the senior care landscape. This can be found under the 'Elder Living' section of our provider search.

Do I need an account to search for providers?

Nope! You are free to browse our database of senior care providers without needing to create an account. If you are in a rush, feel free to skip the account creation step. However, creating an account is needed to message providers and to save providers to your favorites list.

How does provider messaging work?

Once you submit your question on our platform, your question will be shared with the provider. We then connect to the provider to get answers to your question, which will be sent to you via email.

I have a question or piece of feedback. How can I get in contact with the Olera team?

We would love to hear from you. Please message for any questions, concerns, or inquiries


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