For families with an elder loved one in need of care support due to a health-related issue, Olera’s technology platform provides guidance and helps families find solutions to their care needs in areas such as home care, assisted living, and senior care financial planning.

How was Olera created?

Olera originated from an interdisciplinary student organization at Texas A&M University called Sling Health in October 5th of 2019. Sling Health brings together students from engineering, medicine, and business to create solutions to medical problems. The vision for Olera was inspired by a book called “Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End,” by surgeon Atul Gawande, which shines light on the neglected eldercare space.

At Olera, our co-founders are united by a shared passion for improving the lives of seniors and their families. With personal and professional experience in family caregiving and clinical environments, they've seen firsthand the challenges and complexities of caring for seniors with dementia. Their own parents and grandparents inspired them to take action and address the need for innovation in the eldercare space. As a team of young, innovative individuals, they're dedicated to driving change and making a real difference in the lives of seniors and their families. Join us on our mission to transform eldercare and provide the best possible support and resources to families in need.


Put families first (people over profits)

In every step of our journey, it's critical that we prioritize the needs of the families in need.

Think outside the box

From product design, to marketing and fund raising, remember to think creatively

Remain resourceful, adaptable, and efficient

In all aspects of business operations, our venture will grow with the evolving landscape of healthcare and growing needs of society.

Safety & trust

People come to us when they are most vulnerable. It's our responsibility to deliver.

Relentless focus

With limited time and resources, obsessive focus is a necessary sacrifice in building a service that people love.